Bundy Tube,China Bundy Tubes,Wire On Tube Evaporators,Evaporators,Condensers For Refrigerator Manufacturer

Bundy Tube,China Bundy Tubes,Wire On Tube Evaporators,Evaporators,Condensers For Refrigerator Manufacturer

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What is Refrigerator Condenser?


refrigerator condenser

is an important instrument of food preservation for modern society. The refrigeration cycle is the chemical

process that drives the refrigerator condenser and generally consists of four main steps: 1) compression of ammonia refrigerant; 2)

cooling of ammonia refrigerant; 3) expansion of ammonia refrigerant; and 4) drawing in of heat from the core of the

refrigerator condenser. Many variations on this process exist as manufacturers find new ways to improve the temperature-control

aspects of the

evaporator for refrigerator


Introduction Chances are, he's in your house right now. He's big. He's cold. And he knows where you keep your food. As a

matter of fact, he is where you keep your food. He's your evaporator for refrigerator. And he's in for a surprise.

Evaporator for refrigerator have been a hallmark of American family life in recent decades. Today, a century after the refrigeration

cycle revolutionized the concept of food storage, the evaporator for refrigerator is gearing up for a makeover. Modern science and

engineering principles are combining in the latest evaporator for refrigerator condenser, and they're on their way to a kitchen near you in the not-

too-distant future.

From the Cave to the Kelvinator Although it is nearly impossible to fathom now, modern refrigeration was not a part of

daily family life until the 19th century. Prior to today's beloved, compact steel boxes, people stored food in the coldest

places they could find or make. Ancient Greeks, Romans, and Hebrews covered the food they wanted to keep cold with

snow, and topped it off with an insulating material to keep the heat out and the cold in. The Chinese harvested and

stored ice before even the first millennium (Krasner-Khait). Many other pre-industrial societies stored food below ground,

in cellars and wells (Refrigeration).

The pioneers' rudimentary but effective cold spaces incorporated the most important part of the modern refrigerator: the

refrigerant, the substance that circulates through the evaporator for refrigerator to make the food cold. For these early, underground

"refrigerators," the refrigerant was water. The "refrigerator" would be a small room or chamber with water trickling down

the walls by means of small holes. Pioneers also employed a variation on this technique by building a "springhouse", a

small house over a spring. They placed buckets of cream and butter into the naturally running water to keep their

content cold (Refrigeration). Unfortunately, these methods were not without their shortcomings; food often spoiled anyway

and many unfortunate pioneers fell victim to "summer complaint," a sickness obtained from the bacteria of spoiled food


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